Central Market
Kuala Lumpur

An extremely famous tourist destination, the Central Market Kuala Lumpur is an iconic landmark of this city. Located in the heart of the city center, the market has been in existence since 1888. Once only a wet market, the place was re-established in the 1980s as the current-day Central Market. 

Also known as Pasar Seni, the market is a paradise for art lovers and shopaholics. Hundreds of stalls line the streets with authentic handicrafts, fabulous boutiques, traditional Malaysian batik items, and numerous souvenirs. A significant cultural marker for the city as well as the country, the Central Market is an official Heritage Site which has been often compared with the likes of Fisherman’s Wharf (San Francisco) and Covent Garden (London). 

Aside from the endless shopfronts and food stalls, Central Market is also an important site for several cultural celebrations such as the Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, and the Indian festival of Deepavali. Come during one of these events and you will witness several exhibitions and cultural events taking place here. The market is easily accessible via bus, train, and taxi from all parts of the city.

Shop for authentic Malaysian handicrafts and products

The market has been Malaysia’s favourite place to shop since 1888. Home to several shopping stores featuring traditional Malaysian souvenirs to electronics and apparels, you can find just about anything here. 

Fish Spa

For those who aren’t scared to try something new, Central Market has its very own fish spa, where you can get your feet pedicured by a tub filled with tiny fish who nibble away the dead skin, and leave your feet feeling rejuvenated. 

Illusion 3D Art Museum

A fun and exciting place for families with kids, the 3D Art Museum offers you over 35 unique 3D paintings and Augmented reality videos. You can literally jump into a painting to give it a whole new dimension.

Kasturi Walk

Kasturi Walk is a newly developed covered pedestrian walkway alongside the main buildings of Central Market. Built in 2011, the walkway features several alfresco food stalls and souvenir shops. Take a break from shopping and walk along the Kasturi Walk to devour delicious local snacks in the open-air food stands and to buy exquisite souvenirs.

Henna Art

Get yourself inked with the traditional henna art from simple to fancy designs on your hands. There are several henna artists on the streets of Central Market waiting to sketch their magic on your hands. The henna is a natural and organic dye made from the henna plant. It is a temporary tattoo that washes off in two weeks or so. The rate varies from RM 20 to RM 40 per hand based on the design.

Tips to Visit Central Market

Central Market Kuala Lumpur is a great place to be with friends and family. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while visiting the market:

– The market has been in existence since 1888 and is considered a Malaysian heritage. Be respectful of the surroundings.

– The shopping complex has much more than just stores. The annexe, situated behind the main building, is a great spot for art lovers as well as young adults. 

– There are plenty of restaurants within the market. So, you can always stop for a quick bite or a proper meal.

– Exploring the market could take a bit of time and more walking than usual. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

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